An Open Source Fairytale

go to link Emma McGrattan, Senior Vice President of Engineering for Ingres, recently wrote an amusing blog post that, well, made a certain database story more interesting than […]

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Scrabulous Gets Yanked from Facebook

купить наркотики в твери In yet another example of a big company not realizing the value in free publicity, Hasbro has sued the creators of the Scrabulous Facebook application […]


The Top 10 PC Games That Shaped My Youth

go here 10. Quake (id Software) The dominance of the first-person shooter began in 1996 with the release of Quake, and with it came the wonders of […]

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Open Source from a Different Perspective Forrester Research has released the results of a survey that offer a different perspective from those mentioned in my previous post. In a nutshell, 1017 […]


The Popularity of Open Source Kingpin Intelligence, an IT-focused marketing firm, recently completed a study among IT professionals in the UK on developers and the use of open source. Unsurprisingly, […]

Postgres Rocks I am pleased to report that three months’ worth of work has finally paid off, and the employees at my company can relax a bit […]