Time Travel Without Leaving Your Desk

Bill Cammack, new media consultant and freelance video editor, posted the following on Twitter this morning: Go Google yourself from 2001! 😀 => http://www.google.com/search2001.html Who […]

Increase the Effectiveness of Press Releases with SEO and Social Media

Traditional PR has involved a public relations firm dropping your press release on the wire and hoping somebody picks it up. Sure, they may have […]

How Sociable Is Your Brand?

That’s exactly what the engineers over at Inuda Innovations want to figure out. HowSociable? is the nifty new tool for those of you who wish […]

Web Development Survey

Abigail Hamilton, contributing blogger on SEO ShootOut (of which I am also a part), mentioned a survey that is now available from A List Apart, […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Resources

Julie Batten, e-marketing manager at The ClickZ Network, wrote a great blog post today that lists some of the top resources for those intending to […]

Link Building: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Inbound links – that is, web sites that link to your site – are key to increasing your search engine position. The best method of […]

Search Engine Optimization: The Top 3 Mistakes

A Yahoo! search on “seo best practices” delivers 17,700,000 results. It seems everyone has an opinion about search engine optimization these days, and it’s difficult […]