Music Marketing: It’s Time To Get Creative

When I grow up, I want to be one of two things.  I either want to be CMO for a major multi-national corporation, or I […]

13 Lessons I Learned As An Entry-Level Marketer

The inspiration for this piece came from Ian Lurie’s amusing article, 38 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started In Marketing.  He’s a guy […]

Content Marketing: The Next Big Trend?

In my previous post, Building the Social Media Marketing Foundation, I emphasized the importance of delivering valuable and useful content to your audience as a […]

Sergio Zyman Knows His Marketing

On a recommendation from one of my former coworkers, I read both The End of Marketing as We Know It [buy] and The End of […]

Internet Marketing Makes the Grade

Yahoo! HotJobs posted an article today that lists the top five jobs in so-called “uncertain” times.  That is to say, these are a selection of […]

Web Development Survey

Abigail Hamilton, contributing blogger on SEO ShootOut (of which I am also a part), mentioned a survey that is now available from A List Apart, […]