Email Marketing

While the improved technology of spam filters has virtually rendered mass cold email blasts obsolete, email marketing still remains at the forefront of any integrated online marketing plan. Maintaining a steady drumbeat of updates and notifications on your company’s opt-in list is crucial where lead nurturing is concerned. At the start of my tenure as a marketing professional, I ran through a series of tests that increased open rates from 10% to upwards of 30, 40, 50%, and clickthrough rates from 0.05% to 8-10%, simply by fiddling with subject lines and streamlining the email content to include single, direct calls-to-action. I build all emails I send out in HTML, and all have a text-only backup for emails that are received on mobile devices.

Online Events / Webcasts

Webcasts (or webinars, if you prefer) are fantastic for demand / lead generation, especially for B2B businesses. I managed the promotions for an enterprise software company’s webcasts, and, depending on the subject and audience appeal, ran them either in-house via, a subset of, or using an external vendor whose visitors are in the same roles as those we were targeting. I have seen statistics that range from a small event, some 20 people for a very specific, technical discussion, to upwards of 700 registrants for a broad subject that appealed to all levels. Both types have their strengths; while some of the broader webcasts obviously are preferable for lead numbers, the smaller, more detailed type often attracts those who are most inclined to buy your product. A healthy mixture of both broad and narrow subjects is always preferred for any integrated marketing campaign with an online focus.

I wrote a blog post detailing the use of webcasts within a marketing campaign, entitled Webcasts: Marketing the Interactive Way.