CRM Administration (SFDC) has swiftly become the world’s most popular CRM SaaS, and, because of this, it seemed only natural that I would sink my teeth into it when first offered the opportunity. Prior to completing the administrator training at the end of 2007, I ran many reports on lead sources and their associated pipeline opportunities for an enterprise software company. When I worked at that company, I was in charge of the front-end SFDC administration, managing all inbound leads, routing rules, and validation rules. I based much of the weekly marketing dashboard on elaborate reports I created within the system.

In my current position at a global consulting firm, I am an SFDC administrator and manage campaigns run by our industry marketing managers. Through these, I track all activities from Marketo via activities and thorough dashboards that record everything from email opens to event attendance to specific asset downloads. Administration

Marketo is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that offers products for demand generation and marketing automation. I have two years’ worth of experience using Marketo and use it for email blasts, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and the creation of landing pages and microsites.

In addition to sending show-specific email blasts, I built a 30+ page microsite to support a Mobility campaign targeted at the Banking and Financial Services (BFS) industry that supplemented a campaign being launched by an industry marketing manager at the global consulting firm where I work. In addition to sending nurture emails to the target audience based on completed activities, I installed a new lead scoring program that is specific to this particular campaign to determine levels of interest amongst the BFS contacts in our database. The result has been 70+ “hot” leads that are currently being worked by our sales organization.

Eloqua is a SaaS company that offers products for demand generation and marketing automation. I have nearly four years’ worth of experience using Eloqua; originally I used it solely for email campaigns, but fiddling with it on my own and attending some training allowed me to get creative with the software and better attack an enterprise software company’s online marketing needs.

On top of the basic email campaigns we sent out on a regular basis, I was able to track and nurture all online registrations prior to them reaching the sales team. I developed a program within Eloqua’s Program Builder that fills in details the company otherwise would not have had from a straight web site form, including where the leads came from (search engine, Google AdWords, partner site, etc.) and exactly what they downloaded. After registering, the system automatically sent a number of emails to each registrant over the course of a few months and tracked any subsequent web activity. All of this information was then fed into the integration program, which sent the leads to the sales team for follow-up.

Eloqua Administration