The Many Faces of the Online Portfolio

Whether you’re in marketing, graphic design, or web development, at some point in your career you will run into the need to have an online portfolio. While a hard-copy version is still great for interviews – and make sure you have a swanky folder in which to hold the items – so much business is done over the ‘Net now that lacking an online portfolio can actually be detrimental to your career.

Thanks to a shout-out by DesignFlavr, I came across an article that details some of the biggest mistakes individuals make when designing their online portfolio layouts. Kyle Meyer of Astheria trudged through two hundred different portfolios and drew a number of conclusions from the layouts that he saw, from the altogether annoying background music that plays automatically upon entering the site to a lack of contact information to poor navigation. The result was a post entitled “My Last Portfolio Sucked, Yours Might Too.”

My online portfolio is guilty of utilizing thumbnails, I’ll admit, but I’m redesigning it as we speak so I’ll definitely keep some of these “what not to do” hints at the back of my mind. In the meantime, take a look at your own portfolio and then check out the article, and its follow-up, “Portfolios that Accomplish Goals,” available here.

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