How Sociable Is Your Brand?

HowSociable?That’s exactly what the engineers over at Inuda Innovations want to figure out. HowSociable? is the nifty new tool for those of you who wish to gauge how big of a presence and how much visibility your company or brand has on some of the top social media outlets, including, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Technorati.

Though still in its infancy – the first prototype was only made available at the end of May, and even then they had “only spent a week building it” – HowSociable? has already measured over 7500 brands as of approximately fifteen minutes ago, and the number is quickly rising. Do note that many of the brands measured are actually just people’s names; I definitely checked mine, and apparently I’m not being sociable enough to have my name splashed all over the ‘Net … though that could be perceived as a good thing, I suppose.

Brands are measured based on a sliding scale that begins with a rank of 1000 for internationally-known brands such as Coca-Cola, and it goes down from there. The ranking system is a good start, but even the developers realize there is much to be altered within it – just think of the Google PageRank algorithm – and so they’ve launched a Feedback Forum for users to post their suggestions for the tool.

In any case, it’s a fabulously interesting concept, and I suggest you try it out for yourself.

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  1. Ace Noface says:

    that is a really interesting site. I was not surprised to see my nascent brand with a score of seven, but I was disappointed to see that the application didn’t register my facebook page.