Twitter and YouTube are Having a Baby

12seconds.tvOne of the many wonders of the ‘net is that you never know where you’re going to end up when you hit a link. In my case, last night I came across a guest blog post written on Hey Stephanie, a nifty personal/professional blog that covers social media developments, about what appears to be the video twin of Twitter: Twitter allows you mini-blog posts of 140 characters max; gives you, well, twelve seconds to do post a mini-vlog (or just “video blog,” if you haven’t warmed up to the whole “vlog” thing yet). Though still in its alpha stage, there are a number of video updates up at this time, including a bunch from Hey Stephanie guest blogger Jun Loayza.

And it’s not just YouTube and Twitter that are spawning like-minded children.

It was thanks to Jun’s post on Hey Stephanie that I heard about, but it was also thanks to Hey Stephanie taking him on as a guest blogger that I heard of Jun’s new venture. Jun is Chief Marketing Officer for Future Delivery, a start-up that develops technology for students and professionals while shrinking the divide between Generation X and Generation Y.  Its flagship product, FD World, takes the best from Second Life and LinkedIn and mixes them together to form a virtual world in which students and professionals can interact, network, recruit, and collaborate.

Intrigued?  I know I am.

Future DeliveryFuture Delivery also offers what they call FD Office, a project management tool that “creates a virtual representation of your company, where each employee is able easily communicate with offices nationwide, outsourced personnel, employees at client sites, and allows each employee to express themselves uniquely which adds to the positive employee culture of the company.”  Forget about boring ‘ol instant messenging; this really has the potential for increasing productivity, fueling conversation, and managing costs effectively.  And hey, isn’t that what social media is all about?

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