An Open Source Fairytale

Emma McGrattan, Senior Vice President of Engineering for Ingres, recently wrote an amusing blog post that, well, made a certain database story more interesting than it was. Here’s a snippet:

Once upon a time a small village of developers decided to create a database. This database would be different from anything the world had seen before. It would be built for web developers and wouldn’t be encumbered with all of the baggage that other fully fledged relational databases carry.

The village elders mapped out the architecture for the revolutionary new database. They encouraged everyone in the village, from the smallest child to the most experienced hunter, to contribute to the best of their abilities for the greater good. Word of the project leaked across the land and soon people from other villages joined in the project. The initial releases of the databases were a little shaky, but the villagers worked together to plug the holes.

The relational database giants mocked the little database. But the giants missed a very key thing – the village of database developers was connected to lots of other villages who were working in collaboration, all across the land. The network of villages was able to quickly add many of the features that the giants had, and even offer some new innovation.

Read the rest of the post at Emma’s blog, The View From 25B, and see if you can figure out upon whom this is based.

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