Open Source from a Different Perspective

Forrester Research has released the results of a survey that offer a different perspective from those mentioned in my previous post. In a nutshell, 1017 IT decision-makers in North America and Europe were questioned about their perspective and current use of open source software. The results were surprising given leading analyst opinion on the growing use of OSS.

Desktop ComputerApparently a whopping seventy percent of those surveyed had no plans or interest in adopting open source software, citing security as the number one issue prohibiting them from doing so. However, it needs to be noted that of those surveyed, many of the decision-makers didn’t realize that some of their software is indeed open source.

Savio Rodrigues over at InfoWorld sums it up nicely in his latest article, “Forrester Finds Lack of Interest in OSS?,” by saying, “OSS vendors face an uphill battle to sell anything … if the top decision maker doesn’t believe that his/her company is using OSS. It’s not an insurmountable battle, but it is uphill.” Savio provides some pie charts and further investigation in his article, which is absolutely worth a read.

The actual report is restricted to those with a Forrester subscription.

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