The Popularity of Open Source

Kingpin Intelligence, an IT-focused marketing firm, recently completed a study among IT professionals in the UK on developers and the use of open source. Unsurprisingly, a whopping 62% of those polled who do not use open source in their place of work actually use it outside of work. These developers would prefer to work in an environment that favors open source over one that does not, the study said.

“The cost and flexibility benefits of using open source technologies are appealing for developers and organizations in the current financial climate,” said Claire Roy, head of research at Kingpin. However, it was also discovered that a lack of faith in the quality of open source software is still an issue, with less than a third of those polled believing open source software to be of high quality.

Despite this, the use of open source software – specifically open source databases – will continue to grow exponentially, according to analysts. In an April Wall Street Journal issue, Gartner, leaders in the technology analyst sector, determined that sales of open source database software will be in the upper-$200 millions this year, jumping to $400 million by 2009. The article maintains that the comparative low cost of “open source” databases is a huge draw for companies looking to minimize their RDBMS spending.

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