Postgres Rocks

I am pleased to report that three months’ worth of work has finally paid off, and the employees at my company can relax a bit (or at least not work 70 hours a week). Tuesday was the day of the big launch; we announced three major pieces of news, which were quickly picked up by a number of major sources including, but by no means limited to, the New York Times, CNN Money, and The 451 Group.

In essence, our launch was three-fold:

  1. IBM became an investor in our latest round of financing, joining existing investors Charles River Ventures, Valhalla Partners, and Fidelity Ventures.
  2. We released the Postgres Plus family of products, a free and open source version and a proprietary, Oracle-compatible Advanced Server version. Postgres Plus is an open source distribution of the PostgreSQL database and is the fastest and most scalable PostgreSQL-based database ever created. Bundled into a one-click, cross-platform installer, Postgres Plus is targeted at developers of next-generation applications and sets a new standard for commercial distributions of open source databases.
  3. We have open sourced GridSQL and fully integrated it with the open source version of Postgres Plus; you can download it now from SourceForge. GridSQL enables organizations to easily meet complex Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence challenges using true grid technology that implements a shared-nothing, distributed data architecture.

In anticipation of all this, we redesigned the company web site, launched numerous marketing campaigns that included everything from banner ads, e-newsletter sponsorships, webcasts, and print ads, and, this week, had our CEO sit on the panel at the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) in San Francisco to discuss the state of open source in the current market.

Traffic on our web site has exploded, and the industry is buzzing. I’m pleased to be so deeply involved in the company at such an exciting time. Way to go, team!

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